Chemicals and Chemical Products

Challenges Faced:

GCG clients have faced challenges in the development and expansion of their marketing opportunities in both polymer-based and vinyl films, used in a variety of industries.
Additional challenges were faced by clients in the funding and use of liquid polymers and in making these products industry-useful. Although their use and validity had been proven and accepted, the application and ongoing operations processes were not proven or accepted in widespread industrial use.

Technical Situation:

In the first case, the client was a SME (<$25MM U$D) which needed assistance in building multiple national sales teams–commission-based.  In the case of this specific client, cash flow issues were difficult, and additional funding would need to be sought if a large client were secured.  The client has an excellent reputation within the industry.
In the case of the validity issues with liquid polymers, GCG went to the research specialists and found that the connectivity had not been established between academia and industry to illustrate the value and the long term viability.


GCG presented alternative funding sources for funding large sales opportunities and sourced out multiple sales candidates, even overseeing the hiring and rollout of the team development.  This approach put more “feet on the street” in sales generation and opportunity.  Additionally, several website modifications which were suggested were implemented, leading to enhanced visibility, and less competitive disclosure of information.


GCG clearly recognizes that it is often not the size of the company with which we work that determines the level of success achieved—it depends, more often than not, on the synergy developed between client and Consultant.  The client profit line is always protected, and new methods for searching out sales opportunities can open doors to new product lines and revenue streams.

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