Startups Leverage Mobile Payments into Profits and Success

When he started collecting mobile credit card payments using his wife’s iPad, Josh Lattimer increased his Car Care sales substantially. Now, reports TimesFreePress, Lattimer processes 90 percent of his outside sales payments through credit or debit cards. Whether you’ve just bought an ice cream truck or are trying to get a security company started, accepting […]

Does Discounting Price to Incent Customers Damage the Brand?

Here’s  Today’s Thought on Marketing:   Don’t allow your rose-colored sales growth glasses to impact your bottom line profit, your pristine brand reputation, or incent you to make adverse decisions about your business and its growth potential. Marketing science contends that sampling of high quality products or services incents purchase.  The challenge faced by a seller, […]

Phishing, Ransomware, and the Most Dangerous Emails You Can Receive

The cybercriminal of 2001 has grown up, brushed up on his English grammar, and updated his programming abilities. According to the RSA’s online fraud report released in January of 2013,  more phishing attacks target the U.S. than any other country. According to the Internet Policy Committee, there were well over 123,000 unique phishing attacks last […]

3 Easy Invoicing Tools for Small Business

Success for the entrepreneur often comes down to cash flow. Having a good invoicing system that saves you time and encourages clients to pay online is one way to manage the process. Nathan Eddy of eWeek News states that small businesses spend up to two days a month on invoicing and financial reviews. Get on […]

The Power of Just One Little Word

Ah, the power of language in making your business either prosper or fail.   A great example of the power of one simple word is the word “don’t.” The word “don’t” is a word that must be used cautiously and judiciously in business, because it means so many different things to so many different people. If […]

Change of Plans? Pivot to Success.

Have you ever waited and waited for something to happen, only to have events occur which altered the course and the direction of your expected—and possibly, long-awaited– outcome?  The beautiful daylily bloom above is an example.  More on that story in a moment. Most of us have experienced “changes of plan” in our businesses.  We […]

Starting Your Own Business: Read This

Let’s look at some key points that startup Entrepreneurs must consider before they try to start their business. We regularly offer insight through the “five challenge questions that every potential entrepreneur should ask him or herself:” 1)      Do you want it–whatever “it” is? 2)      Can you do it? 3)      Do you have the ability to follow through? […]

For Love of Entrepreneurship

In attending the Southwest Virginia Opportunity Summit, there were several facts that I shared, but more that I took away from the meeting. As a Guest Panelist, I shared what I believe are the Five Challenge Questions of the Day for entrepreneurs:     1)  Do you want it? 2) Can you do it? 3) Do you have the ability […]

Creating new Medical Revenue Streams

Doctor, it’s time to look in the mirror. Heal thyself.  We both know that the ACA will have an immediate impact on your practice. We can analyze your practice and offer you alternative actions to realize cost savings or find ways to increase sales or revenue.  We also rate your efforts to preserve capital.   Would you get an “Excellent” on this checklist in preserving […]

Gibson and Guinn featured in Business Info Guide

Dr. Chris Gibson and Alan Guinn, co-Authors of the newest Franchise book, So…You Want to Buy a Franchise?  have been interviewed and the facts about their newest book published in Business Info Guide. Gibson and Guinn, who– between the two of them– have almost 60 years of Franchise experience, share their expertise on both franchising processes and procedures both […]

It’s Time to Get Down To Business

We’ve all wasted enough time, effort, and energy during the last four years.  Money is sitting on the sidelines, afraid to commit.   Regardless of your political affiliation, we have to admit we always knew something like this might be coming. We also believe, and quite rightly– I think– that four years of one brand of administration has not yet […]

Definition: The Best New Franchisee?

Probably because we participated in Franchising, successfully, for several different groups, and actually served as a Franchisee for several years, and because today’s economy is currently conducive—in the minds of many– to starting up your own business, we’ve been asked—continually, it seems– to look at today’s economy and comment on what types of attributes contribute to “The Perfect Franchisee.” […]

Improving Employee Communications Methods

Today, let’s offer several ways to improve communications with employees.  1)  Put together a tribal council, with a representative from each area in the company, and have a sit-down meeting at least once a week to discuss issues confronting the company.  Get each council member to carry back the challenges that the company is facing, […]

Learn Three Facts a Week from Your Customers or Clients

Years ago, there was this “new-fangled” program set up in many retail stores called layaway. Layaway was the poor man’s equivalent of a credit card system–when we didn’t have credit cards, and might not have been able to qualify for them if we did.  Grandma decided the old roast pan needed to be replaced and she went down […]

Enabling Your Own “Mr. Rogers” Viewpoint

I often find myself walking around humming or singing, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” or just “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”—and if you grew up in the Mr. Rogers “era” of television, or had kids who grew up in the Mr. Rogers era of television, you will probably admit that you do it, […]

Can You Make Your Boss Look — Just a Little Better?

As Consultants, we’re often brought in to discuss relationships–quite often between bosses and subordinates.  As a matter of fact, we talked about that aspect of relationships  just recently on our radio show,  “It’s Your Business.” Aw, now that’s just wrong.  Putting a picture of a donkey in the post.  But let’s be honest; every boss wants to think that his […]

JC Penney: Psychological Sales Change, or Dynamic Game Changer?

JC Penney, as a middle class retailer, is changing.  Of that there is no doubt or argument.  There has been a significant change in several JC Penney stores that I’ve visited; not in the quality of goods sold, but more so in how they are being priced, being advertised, and in the ambiance of the store […]

Creating An Oasis of Destiny

I promise this isn’t an article that will preach about how to find yourself by utilizing some ‘out of the box’ utopia guidelines.  It’s way too centered and down to earth for that. Let’s look for just a minute at some things and see how they impact you. Yet another friend emailed me this week, letting me […]

How Busy are You?

Bristol, TN      Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, To Be or Not to Be, quoted on the cover page of this website, really opens doors we never thought might be opened, doesn’t it?   It asks a question that we must consider.  Consider, just for a moment,  your personal and professional life as a part of all of the different […]

When is it Time to Put Your Small Business Up for Sale?

You didn’t think it would ever happen, but the day may have  finally arrived to put your business up for sale. (Special to  Bristol, Tennessee You’ve agonized over it, fretted whether or not you should give it up.  You have talked to family and friends and everyone has offered an opinion about the long term […]


At The Guinn Consultancy Group, building your brand is a key part of the business process which we embrace.  Demonstrating an uncompromising commitment to the development of the best-designed, top-level, attractively  licensed products, we dedicate ourselves to providing a licensing program second to none.  GCG’s market-savvy veterans use their in-depth knowledge and experience to provide […]

Raising Capital–Short on Cash?

Everybody has a dream.  What’s your dream? There are as many ways to raise capital as there are needs for it. Perhaps you want to take advantage of a simple collateralized loan.  We can help you prepare a Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding and a Promissory Note.  Or,  perhaps you want to pursue a Private […]

PR Development. What You Say Matters…

If you or your business are planning on implementing a press campaign or need to come up with a plan to specifically fit your needs, The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc. can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to make your campaign a success. The days are long since behind us when your […]

Business Development

Your corporation is searching for new customers. You want to reach out to new markets and expand your influence. Your business needs a good review of your existing products and services – and a hard look at some new ones. That’s where we work best. GCG provides management consulting services with a keen eye on […]