Your Keys to Sales Success

Over the past 40 years, we’ve been lucky enough to develop some key sales attributes that we share with others about how to sell;  we’ve identified key elements, and offer them in the spirit that they can assist in building your business through increased sales. Smile. It’s contagious. People like other people who smile. Think […]

4 Ways to Connect with Customers & Build Lasting Relationships

Smart business people understand the importance of outstanding customer service. They also realize that building a base of loyal customers or clients means taking tangible steps to create a connection and inspire them to come back. The following four tips can help you connect with your customers and, in turn, boost your sales and revenue: […]

5 Tips for Your First Post-College Job Interview

Your attitude, your appearance and your preparation will make or break your next job interview. According to CareerBuilder, 72 percent of hiring managers found arrogant interviewees or poorly dressed interviewees to be a major turnoff, and 75 percent found disinterested interviewees to be a deal breaker. When you’re just out of college and looking for […]

What Not to Pack on Your Next Business Trip: Back Pain

If work has you dragging luggage through airport terminals, origami-folding yourself into cramped airplane seats for hours and sleeping on unforgiving hotel beds, you know that business travel can be a back pain obstacle course. If the thought of your next trip makes you wince, take the following advice for preventing, minimizing and avoiding back […]

Interviewing Well for that Exceptional Position

Interviewing can be viewed as a frightening experience by many being interviewed, but we tell our clients to view it as an opportunity to showcase their great attributes, what they know, and what they can bring to the employer— and that attitude will change the approach you end up taking in talking with people.  Mostly, taking that approach to the interview changes […]

Offer These Perks to Your Employees: They’ll Love You for It

Business owners owe a huge debt of gratitude to their employees, whether they know it and show it, or not. Employees are the face and backbone of any business, and more and more employers are realizing the value of maintaining, not only customer loyalty, but retaining good employees. After all, without a great staff on […]

Preparing for 2014–Is Your Business Ready?

The old adage that “you get what you plan for” is often even more accurate now than it has been in the past, and we’re running out of 2013 to get both business and personal planning done for 2014.  As a matter of fact, if you’re a small business owner, and you haven’t thought about […]

Edmonton City Centre Airport to Close

Edmonton, Alberta has—for years—had an airport surrounded by the city itself…as a matter of fact, it was known for some time as City Centre Airport.  In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I made dozens and dozens of trips into Edmonton City Centre Airport on Pacific Western’s old 737-200 aircraft, on the Airbus, from Calgary.   And no, […]

Superior Qualities that will make you “Boss of the Year”

It’s important that those who would aspire to “Boss of the Year” view the attributes most appreciated by others in the context of their performance requirements.  Often, I’m told by clients that being a great boss is a lonely job.  The practice of management can actually be viewed—and often will be—as an internally competitive aspect […]

Jobs and the Inevitability of Change

The job market worldwide is in a state of constant change. Our Consultancy has recently had larger numbers of potential clients contact us– both on the employee and employer side of the business equation– about individual resume writing, impending job changes, and fears associated therewith for the employee;  and about new and exciting ways to entice top […]

Get Business Booming: Plan a Great Grand Opening

With 60 percent of customers willing to pay more for a better consumer experience and a 13 percent chance dissatisfied customers will blab to 20 people or more, Customer1 reports, it’s crucial businesses invest in excellent customer service. For new businesses, that means coming out of the gate swinging by executing a knock-out grand opening, […]

Building Better Business Blogs

After thousands of dollars in web design fees and months in development, your business’s website has exactly 16 hits. You’re not certain, but you suspect that these 16 hits have all been you refreshing the main page. What went wrong? Business blogs are a phenomenal way for a business to connect with their clients and […]

Yes, Business is Risky, But Get That Startup Started!

Updated 05-06-5018  It may seem like the risks associated with startups in today’s oversaturated economy are far too overwhelming for aspiring business minds. However, there are many success stories as young entrepreneurs start business every day, and many have been able to reach their dreams. According to Forbes, 320 businesses open their doors each month […]

Customer Service Example Shows Great Response

In what will become one of our Consultancy’s example videos for customer service, you must see the current “hottest” Dunkin Donuts You Tube Video. In the video, a customer named Taylor Chapman visits a Dunkin Doughnuts franchise location and demands a free meal because she wasn’t offered a receipt for her last visit.  If that’s […]

Those People Who Simply Don’t Fit In

 I’m convinced that people who don’t fit in to what we might call the “current standard business models” are often just ahead of their time, and we should examine what they do as harbingers of future success. Take a look at the picture to the left, and identify the era.  Circa 1977. Now, if you dressed in […]

What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

Many think that the biggest marketing challenge one will face is in the type of marketing created and used to meet your audience.  Proponents will argue online vs. offline marketing issues ad nauseum. Others believe that the type of marketing presentation to which you adhere determines the results that will achieved;  on-air television, cable TV, newspapers, […]

Innovative Value Management

Make more money.  Sound good?  Business clients can significantly benefit from GCG’s Innovative Value Management assessment,  success, and divestiture program.  These activities should be mandated for most businesses in 2013.   Clearly stated, IVM helps assess if the business served by your current offerings “is” or “may become” irrelevant in the marketplace.  It can happen even before you realize it. […]

Should Employers Have a Right to View Social Media Postings Online?

Employers have an absolute right to view anything posted on any social media site, and the courts will confirm that right.  After all,  if something is online about you, and Bunky in Peoria or Pretoria or Victoria can see it, why should your employer not have a right to see it? The key to this […]

What’s the Correct Feedback on an Evaluation Form?

What’s the correct feedback on an evaluation form?  The correct feedback consists of answering the questions that are asked on the form, specifically, and assessing employee performance against  established standards. Often, we find, however, that there are no formal  standards which have been set…or that employers use an employee evaluation as a smackdown or warning tool… ——————————————————————— […]

GCG Seminars and Webinars 2013-2014

  GCG Clients consistently rate our Seminars and Webinars as “Excellent.”   We hit the target.  Or you don’t pay.  That’s a Guarantee. The presentation of material in a Seminar setting can sometimes seem dull and unexciting.  Our presenters keep it exciting, stimulating, and deliver the material in manageable time blocks. Call for information on our Seminars […]

Are You Interviewing for a New Job?

Hey, plaudits to you…you’ve applied, probably gone through a telephone screening, and—lucky you—you’ve landed an interview!  Now, comes the scary part—actually sitting in front of a real, live, HR person and impressing them enough to hire you. How can you be sure that you’ll interview well enough to get that job you want? We can […]

What are Cheap Ways to Advertise Locally?

Small businesses consistently look for new ways to advertise locally that are low cost opportunities to increase customer awareness, build trial, and increase frequency of visits.   In my Consultancy practice, I’m constantly told that a marketing program is too costly, or an outbound email program is going to cost too much money, etc. Against the […]

The Importance of Employee Communication

12-16-2016  Employees that are engaged are 25 percent more productive than those who are not, according to a McKinsey report on workplace behaviors. The ability to communicate with staff is an integral part of a company’s organizational structure and employee retention. It keeps businesses working smoothly and directly affects the bottom line of the organization. […]

How to Use Storytelling Techniques to Build a New Business

(from Task FM) Across all of history, storytelling techniques have been used to move information and facts from one generation to the next.  Every surviving civilization has learned that information must be preserved and knowledge must be transferred in order for the civilization to prosper. Perhaps nothing speaks so strongly to this as the […]