Your Meaningful and Rewarding Career

Alan and Steve Hawkins identify the elements necessary for a Meaningful and Rewarding Career.  Show broadcast on Supertalk 92.9 WFHG on 08-13-2013. Credit: Nathaniel Koloc, Harvard Business Review  

The Budgeting Dilemma for 2014

We hope this helps with your planning process.  In today’s “It’s Your Business” on The Steve Hawkins Show, Alan and Steve discuss the perspectives of budgeting for 2014, and how dynamic budgeting can help change the business management process. Credit Mention:  Kenneth Merchant, “The Wall Street Journal” Alan Guinn 7-23-13

Avoiding the Term “Micromanager”

During today’s “It’s Your Business,” Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss micromanagement and how to best avoid it. Based on personal consulting experience, and a compilation by Heather Huhman. Alan 7-16-13

Be Precise with Language or Your Management Will Suffer

From our earlier post about precision in language usage, we participated in The Steve Hawkins Show on 07-09 and discussed some of the challenges of management without the use of precise terms in our language usage.   Alan Guinn 7-9-13 (Communication)

Small Business Pro Active Steps for Success

On this week’s Steve Hawkins Show, Steve and Alan discuss how small businesses can be more proactive in maintaining existing sales, and if challenged, how to secure the funding necessary to make necessary changes. Show originally broadcast live on Tuesday June 25, on Supertalk 92.9, WFHG.   Credit for Second Segment:  Intuit Blog. Alan Guinn (6-25-13)

Small Business Week and Small Business Challenges

On today’s Steve Hawkins Show, Alan and Steve discuss both the celebration of Small Business Week, and the biggest challenges facing small business today from The Six Disciplines Blog.  Listen to the show by clicking below.  Originally aired on 92.9 Supertalk WFHG on Tuesday, June 18. Alan Guinn (6-18-13)

Customer Engagement and Its Importance to Success

In today’s Steve Hawkins Show, Alan and Steve discuss why any customer-facing business must  embrace customer engagement as a premise of their business. Using facts, surveys, and anecdotal stories, the importance and value of customer engagement is summarized through saving the client time, money, energy and effort. Alan Guinn (6-11-13)

Marketing: Sizzle or Steak?

It’s probably never been more important to accurately portray your offering to your user.  We’ve often heard the sizzle but rarely get the steak.  Mike Michalwicz in the AMEX Open Forum highlights some of the worst past sins and transgressions in casting our lines for the “big fish” and we add some of the best that many in our […]

Small Business and Human Interaction

In today’s Business Segment, Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss how human interaction can build a basis for smaller business growth and development.  Based on a Fox Business Article by Walter Dailey of MSV Media in Columbus, OH. Alan Guinn (5-28-13)  

Small Business Owners LOVE Their Businesses!

Over the last several months, we’ve conducted a survey of the items Small Business Owners value the most about owning their businesses. During this week’s Steve Hawkins Radio Show, Steve and I discussed what items business owners agreed were most important to them. Here are the top four items we would suggest lead the list.  Their answers […]

Starting Your Business: Website Necessities

We’re often called upon to discuss what must be done to present a website for a start-up or early stage business.   The first and most important key is simply to have a presence on the web.   If you achieve that goal, you’ve come miles ahead of many of your competitors.  Many businesses today don’t need […]

Being An Entrepreneur. Starting Your Own Business.

Alan Guinn May 7th    Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss the key points for starting your own business.  What must you know, what must you do, and how can you assure your success?   In this wide ranging discussion, we look at some of those key factors, essential for success.

Entrepreneurs: Living the Dream

In this April 30 “It’s Your Business” radio program, Host Steve Hawkins and Alan Guinn discuss the specifics you must understand prior to attempting to start your own business. Guinn, who was guest panelist at the SW Virginia Regional Opportunity Summit, discusses the specifics necessary for anyone to achieve entrepreneurial success. Alan Guinn April 30th

A View from the Investor Side of the Fence

By Dr. Brent Lundell, PhD. ( A Financial Consultant to The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc.) Recently a business owner approached our company with a vending machine idea  for which he was seeking funding. He believed he could get vending machines into  airports where he would sell tagging materials to travelers at a significant  price. He […]

Business Sense and Horse Sense

Lesson # 17:  When I was growing up, I constantly heard about two types of “sense” in my world.  They were called “horse sense” and “business sense.” Business sense was gained by working hard, taking an enormous number of chances financially, working hard to secure work relationships, fighting legal battles, and battling unwarranted and unwelcome competitive elements, to find […]

Is Private Placement the Right Option for You?

Raising Capital–Short on Cash?  is the name of a blog posting we developed concerning the funding mechanisms surrounding Private Placement Offerings.  Dr. Brent Lundell has referenced that article at It’s always nice when your posts are referenced and especially pleasing that he found our post to be of possible benefit to his potential clients.  Thanks to him […]

SW Virginia Opportunity Summit 04-23-2013

In today’s “It’s Your Business,” Steve Hawkins and Alan welcome Kitty Barker, a Partnership Marketing Development Specialist with the State of Virginia Tourism Corporation, and share information about the April 23 Opportunity Summit, to be held in Lebanon, VA at the SW VA Technology Development Center.  Alan will be a panelist and will discuss the practice and application […]

Creating Job Happiness

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss ways to improve your outlook on your job on this week’s Business Segment on The Steve Hawkins Show, Supertalk 92.9. What:  You’re not happy where you are, doing what you do?  We look at personal experiences as well as Geoffrey James’ article from for some ways you can be happier in the job […]

Micromanagement: The Lowdown

Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss micromanagement, and how to both avoid it as a manager, and how to counteract it as an employee.  Win-win! Alan Guinn (4-2-13)   Attribution:  Heather Huhman, Smartblogs/Smart Leadership.

Questions Executives Must Ask Themselves

Based on Ken Krogue’s recent article from Forbes,  Steve and Alan discuss the 12 critical things for executives to understand about their businesses through a series of questions. Alan Guinn 3-26-13 (1)

Encore Career Opportunities

This week, Alan and Steve discuss “encore” careers.  What is an “encore career?” Who has them, why do they pursue them, and what benefit do they serve for those that have them, other than financial? Check out this week’s “It’s Your Business” for answers!     Alan Guinn (3-19-13) (1)

Small Businesses and the Affordable Care Act

 What will the implementation of Obamacare do to your business?  Do you know your obligations under the Affordable Care Act?   With over 20,000 regulations now in place, the ACA is creating an entirely new set of challenges for small business owners.  Steve Hawkins and Alan discuss the challenges posed by the most revolutionary new government program […]

Small Business Updates

In today’s segment, Steve Hawkins and Alan discuss small business challenges with websites, and whether happy employees drive higher profits and revenues. Click on the link below–be sure to give it time to load. Alan Guinn (3-5-13)

Things Employees Hate

Did you ever consider what items really create animosity with your employees?  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss a variety of issues during this week’s “It’s Your Business.”  Join us for this lively discussion from SuperTalk 92.9, WFHG.  Click on the link below, and be sure to give the program time to load. Alan Guinn (Things […]