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Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc—Who We Are

Here’s a quick, cursory video overview of our Consultancy practice.  Further details upon request.  

The Rise in Concierge Medicine–Plan for Your Practice Success

Several years ago, we began fielding calls and initiating conversions with Medical Doctors about how their current practices might be able to evolve into a new type of practice–commonly called “Concierge” or “Boutique” Medical Practices, aka, the Direct Pay Model. It just made good sense that professionals interested in the healing arts would look at positive ways to avoid a cookie-cutter, time-driven […]

What Do Employees Want?

  In Today’s “It’s Your Business,”  Alan and Steve Hawkins discuss what employees of businesses are really seeking in their jobs.  Based upon an article by Alison Green from US News and World Report, it’s a wide ranging discussion on the wants and needs of employees in today’s job market. Originally broadcast 09-10-2013 on Supertalk […]

Runt Trees Grow, and So Can Your Business

First, I have to thank one of my Twitter friends for Tweeting the header on this column…I’m not even sure who it was, but if you will email me, I’ll see that you get credit for it.  It’s just too good to pass up and really hits the nail on the head as to defining […]

Employee Motivation: Basic Facts and Guidelines

We’re often asked what can be done to better manage employees.  Truthfully, the question often is posited, “How can I get these lazy employees to do a better job?” In our experience, we’ve found that several reasons can exist for employee dissatisfaction, not the least of which is more focused on management issues than employee […]

Consultants and Strategists–No Daredevils Here

Have you seen that video of Rozov jumping off the peak of Mt. Everest and landing, safely, on the North Face?  Is that not an amazing feat?  I find myself watching that over and over, and realizing the sheer courage it took to attempt that feat–and the amazing feeling you must have at the end, after the […]

What is a Consultant?

I spent over 30 years in corporate jobs, around the world, before I gave myself the liberty of beginning my Consultancy.  It’s funny, you know, I had people with whom I worked over 25 years ago telling me that I should start my own business, and I said, over and over, “I’ll do it when […]

So You Want to Buy a Franchise? Gibson and Guinn Tell It Like It Is.

Well, we’ve really gone and done it this time. Dr. Chris Gibson and I have started what we envision will be an 8 volume set of books, published electronically, on small business. Yep, I always said that I’d do it, and after ghost-writing two sets of business management books for authors– who published them under […]

Why Should You Hire Us?

Consultants help every business owner find new and exciting ways to maximize your business.  We help you make money, find funding, protect assets, or learn more about business by preparing you for change that is occuring, or will occur. But in what specific areas does The Guinn Consultancy Group, Inc focus its practice?  That’s a great question, and […]

You Might Be a Good Business Owner if…

As Consultants, we’re often asked a question similar to, “Don’t you think that a hamburger franchise would be a great business to be in?  After all, look at what McDonalds has done.”   You may, of course, insert your own choice of business and compare it to a leader in the category at your leisure. In assessing […]

The Principles of Negotiation

1. When operating in the business world, why is it important to build consensus and make sure everyone agrees with your objectives and approach before rolling out a new project or program? One thing that business teaches us is this– even when all parties say they are in concurrence:  Often, they aren’t. One must simply […]

How Do You Finance Your Small Business Idea

(Special to Task.fm)  November 15, 2011 Welcome to the difficulty faced by every business owner since Hargem the Haircutter sharpened the first set of rocks and tried to convince someone to help him open a barber shop — so that all the long haired men could have their locks shorn. Financing of a small business […]

Starting a Home Based Internet Business

The readers of www.task.fm recently asked GCG CEO Alan Guinn to identify for them the most important aspects of developing a Home-Based Internet Business.  The entire article may be read at http://task.fm/2011/09/what-does-it-take-to-run-home-based-internet-businesses/.

Starting Up Businesses in Emerging Markets

GCG recently posted an article entitled Starting Up Businesses in Emerging Markets as a response to a question put to CEO Alan Guinn .  The challenges faced by new businesses are fairly common and well noted in business literature.  More important are the challenges faced by those starting up businesses in emerging markets.  The entire […]

The Importance of DCQV

Throughout your career, if you’ve ever been involved in developing a commission-based sales team, or if you’ve ever sold products or services on commission, you instinctively understand the process of DCQV. DCQV is an acronym for Defining Competency &  Quantifying Value. When you define competency, you prove your ability to fulfill a specific need.  When […]

About Us. What Can We Say?

Web sites and blogs are developed to give a presence to a business in such a way that a potential client can learn about the business. Often, we’re asked to give our “30 Second Elevator Speech”–you know, that half a minute synopsis that allows you to tell others who you are and what you do. […]