2012 Worldwide Top Tier Bank Ratings

feedback_form_excellentWhich are the best banks in the world when it comes to business?  Electing to use  a Top Tier Bank when you are the owner of an exponentially growing business can be difficult.  Perhaps you’re too busy to do the research.  Perhaps you’re getting counter-arguments from partners, shareholders, or peers.  Perhaps you just hate the whole banking scenario.  Well, you’re not alone.

Of course, you’re probably seeking a Top Tier Bank for your business, not a regional bank to service your needs, because you believe that your business will outgrow a regional entity.

Each of the banks on our list for 2012 presents with worldwide credentials.

Follows are our ratings for what we believe represent the top 15 Tier One Financial Organizations, based upon our criteria of access, user friendliness, a sincere interest in emerging business,  the Bank’s flexibility in dealing with growth clients, and its ability to service a wide range of client needs.

These ratings are based solely upon our assessments, as determined by client and user experience ratings, as well as client input.  They are not rated on the financial strength of the bank as it is presented publicly.

  • 1.   JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • 2.   Citigroup
  • 3.   HSBC
  • 4.   Wells Fargo & Co.
  • 5.   RBS–Royal Bank of Scotland
  • 6.   Banco Bradesco, SA
  • 7.   ICBC–China
  • 8.   CCBC–China
  • 9.   Goldman Sachs
  • 10. Deutsche Bank
  • 11.  Morgan Stanley
  • 12.  ING
  • 13.  Societe General
  • 14.  Santander
  • 15.  Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

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