Considering the Sum of Its Parts

Published 04-06-2018   I hope it’s been a good week for you. It has been a great week for me, because I’ve rethought a great Finance concept applicable across my life… and my business. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I’ll have what I instantly see as worthwhile ideas coalesce around concepts I’ve never […]

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The Psychology of a Successful Creative Team

Updated 04-02-2018   Creating a team is easy. Developing a winning team is much harder. Skill, ambition and passion are all components that need to be carefully measured and nurtured. Unlike a sports team, a creative work team has more esoteric goals and attributes, but the expertise that it takes to maximize creativity in the […]

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The Best Work Solutions for Remote Millennials

Updated 04-02-2018   We’re updating this article.  We’ve generated a large number of comments with this information and we decided to revisit updated material. As technology continues to bridge physical and virtual gaps, millennials expect more flexibility and remote opportunities from their employers. Companies can also take advantage of this technology, as allowing employees to […]

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3 Examples of How Customer Education and Marketing Work Together

Published 03-03-2018    Don’t simply market to your customers; educate them instead. Now, we don’t mean offering classes and handing out degrees, but rather educating your clientele and prospects about all facets of your brand. Of course, customer education and marketing aren’t necessarily always one in the same, but there is some overlap. While most […]

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08-14-2017  In times of high uncertainty there is an inherent excitement in people to try new things, to set up new businesses and commericalise on these new ideas. “Shaping the Start Up Champion” is a customised programme of coaching and mentoring to deliver the greatest possible chances of success to these BRAVE new ideas. If […]

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Your Life 101: Where to go from Here?

Updated 05-17-2017   Look at that sturdy tree in the picture to the left.  It looks like it would withstand any storm, doesn’t it?  Well, shortly after this picture was taken, a tornado ripped over the top of the tree and damaged it so badly that part of it had to just be removed after […]

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The Many Benefits of Speech Analytics to Business

Updated 01-29-2018 When customers call your company to place an order, inquire about a new product o…

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your OSHA Compliance and Avoid Fines

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Most Common Customer Service Complaints

Published 02-22-2018   Let’s face it. No one likes calling customer service. First and foremo…

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3 Essential Business Tools Every Solopreneur Should Consider Adopting

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Print and Linked Media Compilation

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