The Most Important Words in Business

09-19-2017    Thirty five years ago, when I truly believed that I wanted to be a millionaire by the time I was 30, a gentleman–who I held in highest esteem–shared his most sage business wisdom with me.  I remember it—as if it were—well, yesterday.  He said to me, “Alan, my boy, remember these words for […]

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08-14-2017  In times of high uncertainty there is an inherent excitement in people to try new things, to set up new businesses and commericalise on these new ideas. “Shaping the Start Up Champion” is a customised programme of coaching and mentoring to deliver the greatest possible chances of success to these BRAVE new ideas. If […]

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Your Life 101: Where to go from Here?

Updated 05-17-2017   Look at that sturdy tree in the picture to the left.  It looks like it would withstand any storm, doesn’t it?  Well, shortly after this picture was taken, a tornado ripped over the top of the tree and damaged it so badly that part of it had to just be removed after […]

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What You Can Learn From Companies that Use the Cloud

Updated 05-17-2017    We are moving our files to the cloud.  After advising several companies to do it, it’s time that we move our 14 years of Consulting backup to the Cloud.  Now, everyone “gets” that the Cloud has changed the way computers function. Today’s personal computers and laptops no longer need a hefty 500 gigabyte […]

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It’s Time for Succession Planning.

09-19-2017   It sometimes takes a death of a close friend or relative to awaken us to the fact that we will, someday, pass on. In my case, it was the death of my sister–four years my junior, and those subsequent calls I had to make about her death– informing others that she was gone.  […]

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Cloud Deployment Errors: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Edited 05-01-2017    Let’s be honest.  Everyone hears that everyone else is moving to the cloud, and you’re wondering if it’s something you should be doing?   What does that mean, anyway, moving to the cloud? Well, moving your systems to the cloud is not an easy decision for most companies. Time and cost are […]

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Top Tips to Secure Your Business Both Physically and Digitally

Published 12-7-2017   You’ve spent time and effort starting and growing your business. Money …

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4 Tips for How Financial Service Providers Can Improve Customers’ Experience and Satisfaction

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