Unlocking Your Profit

Check out these terms.  Tidal Kinetics.  Ocean Current Energy.  Solar Power.  Water recycling.  Solid waste conversion.  The Internet of Things.  Are these terms that you recognize? Today, simply assessing and making business management changes you remember from yesterday won’t achieve the results needed. Sure, assessing business management direction, reviewing personnel decisions and your marketing or advertising plans is […]

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Women in Business

Targeting Our Client’s Essentials for Success

Aim High.  We Do.  We recognize what represents the culmination of successful orchestration of all of the various elements in your business.   Your success is our success. Engage Us.  Your Business and Personal Successes are our Primary Objective. We tackle your immediate tactical needs, then share the strategic actions we believe will be required for future successes.    And let’s don’t kid ourselves.   We want you […]

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Climb and Conquer. Be a Consultant to the World.

As much as we wish it were true, profit just doesn’t fall into our laps by happenstance. We find ways to make it happen. And we don’t just create alternatives and then leave you to make them happen. We can craft the plan, and help you execute it, too.

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The Customer Service Target Market Support Assistance Concept
Brand Personality and the Psychology of Consumers

Consumers buy products and services they see themselves in. They want products that complement who t…

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Q & A

Everything about your career online - Symbol on Computer Keyboard
The Entrepreneur’s Job Search

The path of an entrepreneur cannot be walked alone. Many times, an entrepreneur has to join forces w…

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About Us

Are You Ready to Be Self-Employed? Let’s Figure It Out

Maybe you’re tired of the long commute, or you’ve had it up to here with your grumpy bos…

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young female applicant waiting for job interview
Six Principal Tips for Interviewing Success

A few years ago, I wrote an article that appeared across the Internet and that I used on both my rad…

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Media Interaction

Media Hits

PRINT AND LINKED MEDIA HITS.   Check out what others are saying about us in print, with hyperlin…

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